Vins Denuzière


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It was in that year that Joanny Paret founded the 'Vins Paret'.
At that time, equipped with a horse-drawn carriage, he started to deliver cafés and bistros within a radius of 25 kms around Condrieu.
In 1940, Pierre Denuzière, Joanny Paret's son-in-law, took over the business and christened it 'Vins Denuzière'. Under his impetus and accompanied by his sons, Jean and Joseph, 'Vins Denuzière' accelerated the distribution in the region, spreading from Lyon to Valence.
Gradually, J. Denuzière became producer and owner of vineyards, 1 ha of vines in Condrieu, 1 ha in Cornas and the will to move forward hand in hand with the winegrowers around Condrieu on the region's appellations such as Côte-Rôtie, St Joseph or Hermitage.
Since 2010, and more recently with the arrival of Caroline Moro, J. Denuzière has been producing a traditional, hand-crafted production, working plot by plot on the terraced vines, in small quantities giving birth to exceptional micro-cuvée wines.
The result are fresh, concentrated wines, with a strong personality, revealing themselves and evolving slowly in the glass.

Our Cornas comes from a 1.20 hectare plot composed of multiple small steep terraces of weathered granite, located on the place called "En Sauman".

The grapes are harvested by hand, de-stemmed and then vatted in wooden truncated cone-shaped vats.  After a pre-fermentation maceration of about 48 hours, the alcoholic fermentation starts naturally and lasts between 3 and 4 weeks.
The wines are worked daily with gentle extractions. Maturing continues in barrels of 1 to 3 wines and in demi-muids.

This wine, with an intense colour with purple tints, expresses itself with notes of ripe fruit (blackcurrant), spices and roasting. The mouth is full and aromatic, with present and silky tannins.
An ideal accompaniment to beef simmered with spices or semi-cooked chocolate desserts.