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L'Union des Maisons de Vins du Rhône

UMVR, the Union des Maisons de Vins du Rhône (Union of Rhône Valley Wine Houses) is a professional association open to all Rhône Valley wine négociants.

Since 7th November 2014, the Union President has been Etienne Maffre of Maison Gabriel Meffre. Members include some of the Rhône Valley’s most prestigious négociant houses.

The Union exists to protect the interests of the Rhône Valley négociants, and to provide information and specialist advice to its members.

It also plays a major role in the economy and governance of the region’s winemaking sector.

UMVR is one of the organisations making up the Rhône Valley wine industry’s 2 joint professional associations – Inter Rhône for AOC wines and Inter Vins Sud Est for IGPs. Without it, the associations could not exist.

UMVR Facts and Figures

In 2019, UMVR represented:
69 businesses with
1,640 employees
It generated over €925 million in turnover, 31% of which came from export.

90% of members are PMEs;
60% have organic certification

UMVR members sell 327 million bottles of Rhône Valley AOP/IGP wine, making up 45% of total Rhône Valley AOC wine sales. Of the remainder, 34% is sold directly by producers and 19% by négociants in other parts of France and worldwide.

UMVR and the Rhône Valley wine industry

UMVR represents négociants in a number of organisations in the local wine sector, the main ones being:


Inter Rhône, the joint professional association for AOC wines;

Inter Vins Sud Est, the joint professional association for IGP wines;

Inspection bodies OIVR and Vinomed;

CRINAO, the regional committee of INAO, the national body regulating French PDO products;

The Rhône Valley/Provence wine industry council

Representation at national level through UMVIN

UMVR is a member of UMVIN, the Union des Maisons et Marques - an organisation representing the interests of wine brands and négociant houses throughout France.


Nationwide Representation

UMVIN consists of 17 regional groups (syndicats) covering all the French winegrowing regions and wine categories, from AOC to Vin de France.  

It includes around 650 wine houses with a combined turnover of 16 billion Euros. Since 2014, its president has been Michel Chapoutier, CEO of the famous Maison Chapoutier.

The terms ‘Maisons’ (houses) and ‘Marques’ (brands) are defined by 2 basic principles to which all UMVIN members agree to adhere:

- Houses (Maisons) must recognise that this is a capital-intensive industry and requires a long-term commitment;

- Brands (Marques) must be market-led, meeting customer needs and showing the capacity to build customer loyalty.

The 17 regional groups look to UMVIN to provide them with relevant information and represent the interests of their négociant houses at national and European level.


The National and European Dimension

UMVIN is part of a close network of wine industry professionals at regional, national and European level.

It makes suggestions and recommendations in the interest both of the industry in general and its négociants in particular, to French and European authorities; it also contributes to supporting and improving the legislative and regulatory frameworks affecting the industry.


In partnership with Vin & Société, a support organisation for wine industry stakeholders throughout France, UMVIN helps to spread information about issues relating to responsible wine consumption and public health.

UMVIN is an active participant in discussions within the IFV (French Institute for Vine and Wine) and OIV (International Organisation for Vine and Wine) relating to technical issues. They champion the need for changes to production practices where necessary, for instance to winemaking techniques or product development to meet changing demands.  

UMVIN enjoys a close relationship with France’s leading wine industry organisations, including expert advisory body France Agrimer, INAO (who oversee PDO products), ANIVIN, the professional association for Vin de France wines, and CNVS, the national wines and spirits council.

As part of the European Committee for Wine Companies, UMVIN works closely with its EU counterparts on issues affecting négociants, including common market organisations, taxation, foreign trade, environment, wine and health issues etc.