The UMVIN corporate website. (UMVIN, the Union des Maisons et Marques de Vin, is a professional organisation representing French wine négociants throughout the country). 

The UMVIN membership list:
-  Association Française des Embouteilleurs Distributeurs (AFED)
-  Chambre Syndicale des Industries et Commerces en gros des Vins et Spiriteux d’Ile-de-France
-  Fédération régionale du négoce des Vins et Spiritueux en PACA
-  Groupement des Producteurs Négociants du Vignoble Alsacien (GNPVA)
-  Syndicat Charentais des Négociants en Vins
-  Syndicat des Négociants en Vins et Spiritueux du Sud-Ouest
-  Syndicat des Négociants Propriétaires du Jura
-  Syndicat du Commerce en Gros des Vins et Spiritueux du Libournais
-  Syndicat interdépartemental des Négociants en Gros en Vins et Spiritueux Limousin-Auvergne
-  Syndicat Rhône-Alpes
-  Union des Entreprises Vinicoles Méridionales (UEVM)
-  Union des Maisons de Bordeaux (UMB)
-  Union des Maisons de Champagne (UMC)
-  Union des Maisons de Vins du Beaujolais et du Mâconnais (UMVBM)
-  Union des Maisons de Vins de Bourgogne (UMVB)
-  Union des Maisons de Vins du Rhône (UMVR)
-  Union des Maison de Vins de Loire (UMVL)

NETVS Wine Guide

The leading site for information about regulations governing wines and spirits, both at home and abroad.

Access is by subscription only, priced at €225 per year for UMVR members


Conseil National des Vins et Spiritueux

CNVS is a professional association governed by labour and employment laws, and deals with issues relating to social affairs, employment and professional development. The association is open to any professional organisation involved in the production and wholesale trade of wine, cider, spirits, syrups, fruit juices and sundry beverages. UMVR has been a member since 1st January 2016.

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Syndicat des Côtes du Rhône

The official site of the Côtes du Rhône winegrowers’ union.

Also contains detailed production specifications for all Côtes du Rhône AOCs.


Website of the chief regulatory body for Rhône Valley appellations
The site includes production specifications and inspection plans for the Rhône Valley appellations that fall within its remit.
Businesses also have a dedicated space for making online transaction reports and packaging declarations.

Inter Rhône Official Website

A public-access site giving comprehensive information about the wines of the Rhône Valley, with an additional members-only area.


The FEVS (Federation of Wine and Spirits Exporters) corporate website.

Vin et Société

Vin et Société is an informational website designed to support the 500,000 stakeholders in the French wine industry.

Their mission is to publish information about all aspects of the wine industry, to promote its social and economic benefits, emphasise the importance of moderate consumption (drinking less but better) and to engage with the authorities and other public bodies on subjects which affect the place of wine in our society, such as lifestyle, public health issues, politics and the economy.